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HISTORY (EOC REVIEW) -Worcester v. Georgia (1832) -Whiskey Rebellion = It proved the govt. could enforce its laws. -Stephen Douglas believed what about slavery? (Pop. Sovereignty?) -Missouri Compromise & Comp of 1850 -The Jungle -Muckraking literature = What act? -Va. & Ky. Resolutions = nullification -Uncle Tom’s Cabin -Hamilton v. Jefferson = (National bank?) -Dred Scott = Free blacks, but not slaves, were citizens of the U.S. -Haymarket Riot = Weakened the drive to create unions in industry. -What was Thomas Jefferson worried about the LA. Purchase? -Buffalo soldiers = (who?) -Bessemer process = faster and cheaper production of steel -Homestead Act = 160 acres of free land to any citizen that would settle west. -Col. Custers 7 th Cav. was defeated where? Battle of Little Big Horn -Erie Canal = opened the Hudson to the Great Lakes. -Most responsible for the undeclared war b/t the US and France 1797-1800? XYZ Affair -Main builders of the Transcontinental RR = Irish and Chinese -Carpetbaggers, Scalawags, Copperheads -Why was Johnson impeached? -Why did Reconstruction end? -Truman on civil rights? -Domino theory -Henry Clay & American System -4 th amendment -Dollar Diplomacy -Imperialism -Roosevelt Corollary -Yellow Journalism -Buffalo Soldiers -Open Door Policy -Spanish-American War -Marbury v. Madison -McCulloch v. Maryland Plessy v. Ferguson -Brown v. Board- 14 th amendment
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