US History Without the Details

US History Without the Details - US History Without the...

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US History Without the Details: The Overly Broad, Extremely General, Last-Minute Overview of Some Major Themes and Events in American History: The Critical Period: * Government under the Articles of Confederation * Weak Central Government; strong states * Shay's rebellion leads to calls for a stronger national government * Attempt to find a government strong enough to govern; not so strong as to threaten individual liberties The Constitution: * Constitution emerges as a "bundle of compromises" * Constitution creates powerful government, but divides power between states and national government (federalism), among the three branches of the national government (Separation of powers), and allows the different branches to check each other (checks and balances) * Antifederalists oppose Constitution on grounds it creates a national government that is too strong & that there are no guarantees of individual rights * Federalists ensure ratification with the promise to amend the Constitution by adding a Bill of Rights The Early Republic: * Hamilton's financial plan helps set nation on firm financial footing * Disputes over Hamilton's plan leads to emergence of political parties * Marbury V. Madison establishes precedent of Judicial Review * Practices of New Government lay foundation for the "Unwritten Constitution:" Political Parties, Presidential Cabinet, Judicial Review Manifest Destiny: * Belief that western expansion is inevitable and ordained by God * Indian Removal Act contributes to devastation of Native American lives * Annexation of Texas and the subsequent Mexican-American War leads to the addition of much of the Southwest to the US Sectionalism: * Geographic, economic, and cultural differences result in sectional disputes over tariffs, internal improvements, the creation of a National Bank, and the western expansion of slavery * Western Expansion continually thrusts question of slavery before the nation: Will new territory be free or slave? * Growing abolitionist movement in the North
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US History Without the Details - US History Without the...

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