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1 David Reiter Section AT Assignment 5 Final Draft November 8, 2007 Large in the Margin Being in a marginalized group can include many hardships and adversity. It is a very difficult experience that many people have gone through. People can react differently to being a minority. While some may be uncomfortable about it, others embrace their marginality as a good thing and look at the positives. In “Waiting for a Jew: Marginal Redemption at the Eighth street Shul” Jonathan Boyarin, a Jew, was in a marginal group all of his life. Instead of being embarrassed about his marginality he learned to embraced his diversity and studied the Jewish culture most of his life on his way to becoming an anthropologist. In Beth Loffreda’s story Losing Matt Shepard, the entire gay community was on the margins. Their marginal group was put under heavy scrutiny much more after the tragic death of Matthew Shepard. Coming together and uniting as a group via the LGBTA or joining a religious community is a vital part in marginalized groups embracing and acknowledging their diversity along with gaining positive or negative public recognition. Accepting and acknowledging your own diversity and differences is the first step for marginal individuals to obtain a sense of happiness and meaning in the world. In Laramie, that was a difficult task for many people. Many students had a hard time admitting their sexuality and it may have been because of “the anxiety some gay or questioning students might feel attending a public meeting” (Loffreda 311). “The anxiety” Loffreda speaks of is what many gay individuals go through while attempting to find themselves as individuals and still being in denial at the same time. This is a very difficult thing that almost every gay human being goes through in today’s society. However, by accepting their sexuality and
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2 moving past “the anxiety,” gay people in Laramie can instantly join “the sole gay organization on campus and in Laramie itself” (Loffreda 310). This “sole gay organization” Loffreda mentions is the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Association, or the LGBTA. By joining this crowd, these gays have accepted their differences to dominant society as a good thing and it makes their lives much easier to deal with. The creation of the LGBTA is a clear example of how marginalized groups can come together and unite. Jonathan Boyarin, on the other hand, was not in denial about his Judaism. However, just because Boyarin was Jewish and not gay, that does not mean his marginal status in society was any easier than that of the
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Expos Rough Draft 5 - 1 David Reiter Section AT Assignment...

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