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Jennifer Johnson296_ AC114_Unit 10 Reflection

Jennifer Johnson296_ AC114_Unit 10 Reflection - and other...

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Unit 10 Reflection Jennifer Johnson Kaplan University AC114 Accounting Iryna Oreshkova December 19,2010
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As I look back on this class and reflect one of the topics that I believe makes me a stronger candidate to enter the business world, is understanding about FIFO and LIFO methods. I am planning to open my own business when I finish college. Most likely, I am going to be my own accountant for a while as small business takes at least 5 years to see any real profit. Taking this accounting class has opened my eyes to the different ways of keeping up with inventory. Before taking this class, I thought there was only one way. Accounting is a very important part of any business or individual that must keep financial records and pay taxes. Without the knowledge of accountants, no one individual that is running a business could keep up with the rapidly changing tax laws and regulations. Accountants have to be able to analyze and compare facts quickly. Keeping track of payments
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Unformatted text preview: and other financial records for individual or institutional clients is an important task. Having good computer skills is essential for accountants. Being comfortable with numbers and communicating with people are also important skills in accounting. I enjoyed learning about everything in this course the topics were very interesting and informative. After each of the units I was able implement something that I learned. Therefore, this course has had a big affect on my professional development. As each week went on, I was encouraged to continue because of all the information that I learned. I was very unsure about going back to school and this course has really had a positive impact on making me want to continue. Going to the seminars also helped me in sticking it out through the whole ten weeks. During seminars, the professor encouraged and really, helps drive home the information from the unit....
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Jennifer Johnson296_ AC114_Unit 10 Reflection - and other...

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