Syllabus - Econ 356 Introduction to International Finance...

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Econ 356 Introduction to International Finance Spring 2010 Department of Economics, University of British Columbia Viktoria Hnatkovska TA: Wenjie Qu o¢ ce hours: Tuesdays 1pm - 3pm and by appointment o¢ ce hours: Wednesdays 10am-12pm o¢ ce: Buchanan Tower 922, tel: 822 5941 o¢ ce: Room 150 in Auditorium Annex email: o¢ ce address: 156-1924 West Mall web: email: Course Description: concepts and developing a theoretical framework for the study of current account, international asset alloca- tions and capital ±ows, as well as nominal and real exchange rates. This framework is then used to examine the contemporary issues in the &eld: emergence of global imbalances; globalization of &nancial markets; &nancial crisis; currency unions. Economics 101 and 102 are prerequisites for this course. It will be assumed that you are familiar with basic microeconomic and macroeconomic principles; as well as with basic math. Text: 1. The main textbook for the course is " International Economics: Theory and Policy" , 8th edition, by Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld, Addison-Wesley, 2008, Chapters 12-22. 2. I will also use lecture notes that will draw on the abovementioned textbook. I will post these notes on the course webpage. 3. Additional readings from The Economist , Financial Times , World Economic Outlook , etc. will be assigned in the duration of the course and posted on the course webpage. These reading are NOT optional. I will assume that everyone is familiar with the readings when assigning problem sets and setting up the exams. Grading:
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Syllabus - Econ 356 Introduction to International Finance...

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