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Finalize pitch My name is lewis looking for dr. smith, we have a 2 oclock conference call coming up for today. Hey dr. Smith, gald you are able to take afew minutes out to talk to us. .the purpose of our phone call today is to talk alittle about our credit card processing options and I have david grimes on the phone here to help us answers some questions…is that Ok if the three of us have a quick conversation today? Great Powerpay is one of our providers and their major backround is handling situations like yours that are gonna be very high need for accuracy and high need for customer service so as you walk through your day and you take care of credit card processing needs you got access to customer service 24/7 and that one of our benefits….and the second is we are very competitive on our pricing What I am going to do now is to ask you’re a few questions on how you are currently accepting credit cards and dr. smith the purpose to make sure we have accurate information about how you do business…lew is gonna take notes
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