global warming - Matthew Tschumper ENG 102.124 30 November...

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Matthew Tschumper ENG 102.124 30 November 2009 Research Paper #7 Climate Change: A Real Issue An Asteroid destroyed the dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era. Now days, humanity is facing an issue of climate change, that could possibly destroy us due to carbon dioxide. Unlike the dinosaurs, us humans can fix this problem and have a fighting chance. Carbon dioxide is an invisible gas that is naturally released, and also released through human activity. The reason that carbon dioxide is an issue is due to human activity and their careless release of this gas. If humans continue to live the lifestyle of carelessly emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, then life on earth will seize to exist. We have already seen drastic changes in our climate and if this continues that we as humans will be facing more natural disasters, extinction, and destruction to our atmosphere. Climate change is a real issue due to human activity because of carbon dioxide emissions, and carbon dioxide has a negative effect on our planet. There is something inside of me, that wants me to die today. Its in my bones and I know that I chose to live my life this way. Now I almost want to die today. I have seen, looked into light, but spend most of my time in the dark, struggling to fight, stay alive, one day hoping for a spark to spark me up and start to fly away and run from the dark, fire is at large and is strong in my heart pardon, the money is my new target. We have already seen obvious signs of climate change already, which is opening our eyes to the situation. Glaciers are melting raising the water levels, plants and animals
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global warming - Matthew Tschumper ENG 102.124 30 November...

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