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The speaker in “Theme for English B” is a twenty-two year old student of color. He attends a college where he is a minority and is a very inquisitive individual. He is diverse in the elements of his surroundings. This leads him to question the sense of individuality in regards to the matters of race. This is evident when he states, “I guess being colored doesn’t make me not like the same things other folks like who are other races”. These lines display his unacceptance to stereotypes placed upon him by society. He feels as if his ethnic background shouldn’t put a strain on the quality of his life and the things he finds enjoyable. The speaker’s reasoning behind his disapproval of stereotypes isn’t an extensive explanation. It’s
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Unformatted text preview: simply because hes American. Though he is a person of color, he tends to identify with other cultures in America because they all share the same citizenship and the surroundings in which they live in. According to him this provides the basis for all cultural understanding and the ability to intertwine between and also the acceptance of different cultures. As he addresses his instructor, he states, I am a part of you which leads one to believe his acknowledgement of being American a race within itself. In addition to this, the narrator of the poem conveys the importance of learning from people of other races. To him age is not a factor nor is ones social status in society. Something can be learned from everyone....
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