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The speaker, Sammy, in “A&P” is quite a unique individual. His thoughts are complex and rather amusing. Throughout the story, he takes readers on a journey through his mind. He is very much like the typical teenager struggling to cross over into adulthood. Sammy’s about eighteen years of age and works in a supermarket. From the beginning of the text, his dislike for his job is evident. When three girls enter his workplace his personality begins to shine through the descriptions of his thoughts. When describing the physical characteristics of the girls, it can
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Unformatted text preview: be noted that the speaker is very blunt and sarcastic. He states, “I guess she just got it (the suit)” when referring to one of the chubbier girls in the bunch. In addition to this, the speaker also has a great sense of imagination. He’s able to infer the surroundings and contents of one’s household just by glancing at the items that they’ve bought. Sammy also enjoys making inferences about other’s personalities....
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