Psychology Notes 8.23 - Psychology August 23, 2010 Steps of...

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Psychology August 23, 2010 Steps of the Scientific Method contd… 2. DESIGN THE STUDY Research methods; differing approaches to the observation, measurement, manipulation, and control of variables. 3. COLLECT DATA Participants: people/animals whose behavior will be observed. -Population: entire group researcher is interested in learning about. -Sample: smaller group; chosen from the population, that is observed during the study. -Sampling: choosing people from population to be in the sample. -Want sample to be representative : as much like population as possible Use of statistical procedures to determine the mathematical and scientific importance of data. Then interpret the findings (one of the most difficult parts of research, can be different interpretations). 5. REPORT FINDINGS Must share findings with others. Journal: periodical that publishes technical and scholarly articles in a specific area. -Peer review: article read and examined by several experts before being published. II. 2 Main Types of Research Methods Descriptive Correlation Experimental
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1. DESCRIPTIVE METHODS Case Study: in-depth investigation of an individual. Survey: questionnaires or interviews used to gather information. -Self Report: Participant verbal or written accounts of their own behavior. (problem: lying a.k.a. purposeful distortion or they just might be wrong) -Social desirability bias: tendency to give socially approved answers to make self look better. Naturalistic Observation: Careful observation of behavior without intervening directly.
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Psychology Notes 8.23 - Psychology August 23, 2010 Steps of...

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