Psychology Notes Chap 3

Psychology Notes Chap 3 - C hapter 3: Sensation &...

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Sensation: Stimulation of sense organs. Perception: Process of organizing and interpreting sensory information. Sensation Absolute threshold: Lowest intensity at which participant notices stimuli 50% of time. Vision Candle flame 30 miles away Hearing Tick of watch 20 feet away Smell One drop of perfume diluted throughout 3 rooms Taste One teaspoon of sugar in 2 gallons of water Touch Wing of fly falling onto neck from 1 cm away Difference threshold: (aka the just noticeable difference): smallest difference between two stimuli that is needed for a person to notice 50% of the time. Selective attention: Art of focusing on a specific stimulus while ignoring others. o Inattentional Blindness: Failure to notice unexpected events when working on a task. Sensory Adaptation: Change in the responsiveness of the sensory system based on the average level of surrounding sensation. a. Sensory Systems: Vision Stimulus=light waves Sense organ: the eye Parts of the Eye (also read pg 94-100) Pupil: Adjustable opening in the center of the eye o Open/closes to change amount of light entering eye
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Cornea: Protective covering that covers eye (light passes through here first) Iris: Ring of muscle around pupil that forms colored part of eye and controls size of pupil opening. The more pigment you have the darker the eye color Lens: Transparent structure behind the pupil that changes shape to focus light on back of eye o Accommodation: When lens adjusts to focus image
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Psychology Notes Chap 3 - C hapter 3: Sensation &...

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