Psychology Notes Chap 4 Drugs

Psychology Notes Chap 4 Drugs - Chapter 4: D rugs Altering...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4: D rugs Altering Consciousness with Drugs Psychoactive Drugs: Chemical substances that act on the nervous system to alter consciousness, modify perceptions, and change moods. o Tolerance: Progressive decrease in persons responsiveness to drug due to continued use. o Withdrawal: Discomfort and distress from stopping an addictive drug. Symptoms typically opposite of pleasurable sensations caused by drug. Physical Dependence: Physiological need for a drug, experience withdrawal symptoms. Psychological Dependence: A psychological need to use a drug, no withdrawal Drug Addiction: Physical and/or psychological dependence of a drug. TYPES OF PSYCHOACTIVE DRUGS Depressants (read about other Depressants pg. 139) Depressants: Drugs that decrease nervous system activity o @low-moderate doses: decrease tension & anxiety, caused relaxed intoxication o @ high doses can slow nervous system to the point of death Alcohol o 2 nd most commonly used recreational drug (caffeine is the first) drug in the US o Causes relaxed pleasant state, increases self esteem o Brain activity decreased Lower inhibitions (planning, judgment, etc. is lowered) Impairs judgment/cognition Slower reaction times, impairs motor abilities...
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Psychology Notes Chap 4 Drugs - Chapter 4: D rugs Altering...

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