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Answer with the MOST CORRECT answer. 1. During a study session about evolution, one of your fellow students remarks, "The giraffe stretched its neck while reaching for higher leaves; its offspring inherited longer necks as a result." Which statement would you use to correct this student's misconception? A) Characteristics acquired during an organism's life are generally not passed on through genes. B) Spontaneous mutations can result in the appearance of new traits. C) Only favorable adaptations have survival value. D) Disuse of an organ may lead to its eventual disappearance. E) Overproduction of offspring leads to a struggle for survival. 2. Charles Darwin was the first to propose A) That evolution occurs. B) A mechanism for how evolution occurs. C) That the Earth is older than 6,000 years. D) A mechanism for evolution that was supported by evidence. E) A way to use artificial selection as a means of domesticating plants and animals. 3. In birds, sex is determined by a ZW chromosome scheme. Males are ZZ and females are ZW. A lethal recessive allele that causes death of the embryo is sometimes present on the Z chromosome in pigeons. What would be the sex ratio in the offspring of a cross between a male that is heterozygous for the lethal allele and a normal female? A) 2:1 male to female B) 1:2 male to female C) 1:1 male to female D) 4:3 male to female E) 3:1 male to female 4. If a chromosome lacks certain genes, what has most likely occurred? A) disjunction B) an inversion C) a deletion D) a translocation E) a nonduplication 5. A plant with purple flowers is allowed to self-pollinate. Generation after generation, it produces purple flowers. This is an example of A) hybridization. B) incomplete dominance. C) true-breeding. D) the law of segregation. E) polygenetics. 6. Assume a cat gene locus has 3 possible alleles with S1 and S2 codominant over s. S1s cats are black, S2s cats are grey, S1S2 cats are brown, and ss cats are white. If one does 100 crosses with a black cat and a brown cat, which is the most likely outcome? A) 75 black, 25 brown
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Practice_Evol_E2_F09 - Answer with the MOST CORRECT answer...

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