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Margaret Henderson COM/150 Body Paragraphs April 4, 2010 Cosmetic Surgery is on the rise and is very popular. History of cosmetic surgery Cosmetic surgery has been around for many years. It was first recognized as a field of medicine with trained members who specialized in caring for individuals with deformities. What is cosmetic surgery? “Cosmetic surgery and procedures are techniques that change, restore, or enhance your appearance. Suffering from burns or other trauma, being born with a birth defect or to “improve” parts of the body are all motivations for having cosmetic surgery and procedures.” (Maria G. Essig, MS, ELS) Hollywood’s influence on cosmetic surgery These days fashion and beauty is a high priority and there are so many who long to look like their Hollywood idol and cosmetic surgery is well known within Hollywood. Does Hollywood have an impact on our society when it comes to cosmetic surgery? Is this an opinion society may have or a fact? That is hard to prove as a fact, but that is the view of many individuals. Plastic surgery isn't going away, at least not in the entertainment industry. The question is, at what point does all of the "perfecting" go too far? And how does
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Body Paragraphs - M argaret Henderson COM/150 Body...

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