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Post-Test (See related pages) 1 What do the letters GDP stand for? A) Gross National Product B) Gross Domestic Product C) Goods Domestically Produced D) None of the above is true. 2 GDP is the total value of all _____ goods and services produced within a nation's borders in a given time period. A) final B) unfinished C) intermediate D) None of the above is true. 3 _____ GDP is adjusted for inflation. A) Nominal B) Real C) Current D) Per capita 4 Per capita GDP is: A) total GDP divided by total population. B) average GDP. C) an indicator of how much output each person would get if all output was divided evenly among the population. D) All of the above are true. 5 How much larger is the U.S. economy compared to Japan's economy? A) ten times B) seven times C) four times D) two and a half times 6 U.S. output is _____ the combined production of _____ countries in Africa and South America. A) less than; all B) less than; most C) greater than; all D) greater than; most 7 Durable goods: A) are expected to last three years or more. B)
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C2_Post-Test - Post-Test

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