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PHY110B Course info

PHY110B Course info - Exams Sign up for this course and two...

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Prof. Orenstein Course Information Spring 2011 The basics The main text for the course is of Introduction to Electrodynamics , D.J. Griffiths and we will cover material from Chapters 9-12. Other books that are useful are: Lasers, A. Siegman, University Science Books Modern Optics, R. Guenther, Wiley . For more details on the optics material that we will cover, see the course syllabus. Where to find information bpace web page. On the course webpage you will find the course syllabus, homework assignments, solutions, and announcements. Homework When we are using Griffiths the assignments will be mainly based on problems in the text. The due dates (usually Mondays) will be stated on the problem set. Slide your homework into the marked box on the second floor of LeConte on the date indicated.
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Unformatted text preview: Exams Sign up for this course and two midterms (50 min each) and a 3 hour final are included free of charge. Please check that you have no scheduling conflicts. Exams will not be given on different dates except for dire emergencies. Grading The formula is 20 % homework, 40 % midterms, and 40 % final exam. General comments When we are studying E&M theory, the course material will mainly follow Griffiths. However there will be some significant differences in my presentation. When we do optics, the material comes from several sources. So please, take careful notes. Contact information Instructor: Prof. Orenstein, Birge 329, [email protected]
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