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History 2057 - History 2057 14:06 Reconstruction Major...

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Unformatted text preview: History 2057 14:06 Reconstruction Major Players White southerners o Not of one mind set following the war. They (most) understood the south had lost. Because the south has lost the whole succession plan is over. Understood and accepted that the institution of slavery is over. They want to be able to come in to the union under their own terms. They dont want the terms dictated to them. They wanted to come back without any questions asked. And also no more change than just slavery. They want to determine what replaces slavery. A wage system that involved a great deal of control. Blacks o The black community has some trouble with it divisions following the civil war. Most blacks in the south were formally enslaved. They did have some free people of color. A very small fraction of the population.. Around 1860, 260,000. Then after the war some black men who were born and grew up in the north came to the south. They also had their own ideas about what the end of the war meant. They expected to be full citizens after slavery was ended. Full citizenship was expected. Which meant the right for black men to vote and to hold office, and the access to education. They also wanted to be able to own land. Because in the 1860s to be truly free you had to own land. If you didnt own land you had to work for someone else. If you worked for someone else then someone was telling you what to do.. But if you owned your own land you were your own boss. You also had to own land to vote. White Northerners o Following the civil war there were two political systems in the north. One was the democratic party (was very weak). Had a northern democratic party and a southern democratic party. It survived in the north following the war, but it was the weaker of the two. The democrats had not been big supporter of the civil war. The democrats took a more limited approach to what the war should be about. The democrats in 1865 said the war was about saving the union. But most northern voters supported the republican party. They had the majority of the votes. Most northern voters were unsure about what they wanted. They seamed to want some sort of change that would prevent the south from being any further problem. Northerners saw the southern slave owners as they ran things, they ran everything, everything on plantation, in the county, and even in the state. Northerners wanted slavery to end. They didnt want it to end because of Northerners wanted slavery to end....
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History 2057 - History 2057 14:06 Reconstruction Major...

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