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Liberal Hour Questions

Liberal Hour Questions - Book Questions 1 How did the...

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Book Questions 1. How did the United States change socially and economically during the two decades following WWII? a. The country changed because the middle class exploded in size. People began to move from urban areas to the suburbs. Mass transits, such as the interstate allowed people to commute from work to home. It also allowed people to travel. The baby boom occurred when soldiers got home, there was an influx in the population at the end of the war. TVs become part of the new life style. Parents go to work in the city, come home to the suburbs, take care of the children and then sit and watch TV. 2. How did cultural and political change in the mid 20 th century contribute to liberalism’s popularity in the 1960s? a. Optimism b. Entangled in Foreign policy c. People felt Us and world were becoming a better place 3. How did presidential policy and Supreme Court decisions contribute to a more involved national government?
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