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The Devils Gentleman-1 - Book Questions The Devils...

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Book Questions: The Devil’s Gentleman 1. How important were class differences in New York society? Victorian social classes were extremely important to American culture. If you were a member of an Athletic Club in New York City, you were a high class citizen. 2. What was the state of the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry? Doctors could not be trusted because some had little or no professional education. They used dangerous remedies and medicines for illnesses that could cause even more damage to ones health. 3. What characterized professional journalism? journalism in the late 19 th century was mainly yellow journalism. Newspapers published whatever they wanted to make headlines and boost their revenues. There was competition between Hearst and Pulitzer. They did not check to see if their stories were factual or false. 4. How did journalists get directly involved in criminal cases? Journalists would find out clues before the police would. They would write their own views about
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The Devils Gentleman-1 - Book Questions The Devils...

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