Political Science Chapter 1

Political Science Chapter 1 - 02/09/200907:44:00

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02/09/2009 07:44:00 2051 American Government Introduction - Chapter 1 I.    What is Government and why do we have it? Government - a formally established way of making and  carrying out political decisions. Politics - the competition to shape government's impact on  society's problems and goals. II.   Why consent to be governed?  Why do we allow ourselves into  this arrangement? What would life be like without government?
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Social contract theory can guide us here, to some extent.  It's a  normative, rather than empirical theory.   Normative - the way things ought to be Empirical - the way things actually are It is not a written contract, but rather, a general agreement between  the people and their government.  What purposes has government traditionally served?  What does  government do? a. Protecting life
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Political Science Chapter 1 - 02/09/200907:44:00

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