Hum 176 WK 7 ASSIGNMENT - After looking over the

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After looking over the site I observed two additional links to affiliates, WPVI and WABC, for additional information and coverage. The CNN site reported the information along with named sources in which they received their information from. When giving the sources names a person can better determine whether or not they are “credible” sources in their eyes. Some people may not feel as confident in receiving information from one person or source due to their reputation or where they stand on certain issues. I feel it is a good idea to relay the names of the sources this way if the information were to come back incorrect or incomplete then the sources reputation would suffer more rather than the news stations since the source was revealed. I also like to know where the news station gathers their information from in case I want to learn more about the source to make a better determination as to whether I feel the source is a credible source or not. The CNN site included several video links to watch. I feel including these videos are valuable because I do not always have time to read the information I want to know more about. If the site includes a video I can listen to the
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Hum 176 WK 7 ASSIGNMENT - After looking over the

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