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Week 6 assignment US101 - I see myself as an accommodator...

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I see myself as an accommodator meaning I prefer hands-on learning. I am skilled at making things happen, I rely on my intuition, I like people but can be pushy and impatient at times. I also use trial and error rather than logic. According to the Myers-Briggs model my personality is EIFJ . E xtraversion- outgoing, talkative, energized by people and activity, person of action and a good communicator. I ntuitive- fascinated by possibilities, look further into the future and the past than in the here and now, original, creative, nontraditional, bright, innovative person F eeling-typically warm, empathic, sympathetic person, interested in the happiness of others as well as themselves, need and value harmony. J udging- approach the world in a planned and orderly, organized way, order and control their part as much as possible, make decisions quickly and easily. According to the VARK model I am KAVR meaning I am kinesthetic which means I prefer to learn through experience and practice, whether simulated or real. Some
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