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COM 155 FINAL EXAM PARAGRAPHS - I believe that the second...

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I believe that the second paragraph is the most effective. The writer used effective writing skills to link the topic sentence and the wrap-up sentence by recapping the topic sentence at the end of the paragraph. He or she included supporting details about the growing delinquency rate on credit accounts in America. The writer did not effectively use sentence variety, as the paragraph consisted of only three sentences. I think the writer was able to convey his or her point more effectively in the second paragraph by covering more important information than the writers of the other paragraphs. I do however believe that the paragraph contains some errors such as compound sentences. If these were to be corrected then the paragraph would be more reader friendly. For example the writer states “The national credit card delinquency rate has continued to grow in recent times, and the President, along with Congress, aims to end unfair fees and increases in interest rates.” The last sentence is a compound sentence and needs a period after the
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