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Movie review COM155

Movie review COM155 - rain and as they spin and stomp in...

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I very recently took my little sister to see a movie. The movie she so eagerly wanted to see was “Step Up 3D”. “Step Up 3D” is a 3D movie that brings together dance and 3D. I had never seen a movie in 3D and I was very excited. I have previously seen the first two sequels and enjoyed both movies. I curiously wondered which of the three movies would be more creative (COMPARATIVE) . I wanted so badly for “Step Up 3D” to be better (COMPARATIVE ) than the first two “Step Up” movies. The acting in the first two movies was not the best (SUPERLATIVE) I have ever seen, but I have also seen worse (COMPARATIVE) . Once I put on the 3D glasses the movie really seemed to pop out of the movie screen. At one point they are dancing in the pouring
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Unformatted text preview: rain, and as they spin and stomp in the water it appears to fly directly at you. The tiny drops of water appeared to land on the glasses and run down them. I briefly caught myself trying to quickly wipe the small drops of water from my glasses. After watching “Step Up 3D” I thought the acting had improved drastically, and it by far had the most creative (SUPERLATIVE) 3D graphics I have seen. It was a much better movie than the first two to say the least (SUPERLATIVE) . I would recommend the movie to anyone who enjoys dancing. However, if you are more into having a good story line this may not be the movie for you. Plagiarism Check stated 0% similarity....
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