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The four different types of writing are summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. A summary is a recap, or shortened version of the original. A summary highlights the major points within the item that the summary is being given about. An analysis breaks up a complex topic into smaller parts in order to get a better understanding. A synthesis combines two or more sources together to form something new. A synthesis is not a summary. It is a result of what you have learned from multiple sources. An evaluation is an informed judgment about what has been read. An evaluation tells your opinion of how effective, helpful, or informative the reading material was. I know that the first paragraph is an evaluation because it refers to some of the elements
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Unformatted text preview: that could have or should have been included in the material. It also gives an opinion. I know that the second paragraph is a summary because it gives a recap of information that the material included. It is a brief description about the entire reading passage. The third paragraph is a synthesis. I know this because it includes information gathered from more than one source. The information that is gathered from more than one source is then used to provide a new point that was not stated in either one of the reading passages. The fourth paragraph is an analysis because it breaks each point down and shows how they are related....
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