COM 156 FINAL (Persuasive Essay)

COM 156 FINAL (Persuasive Essay) - 1 Credit Card Companies...

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Credit Card Companies Should Not Be Allowed on College Campuses Crystal Markrush November 11, 2010 COM 156 Doris Johnson 1
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Credit card companies should not be allowed on college campus due to the lack of responsibility by both the student and the university. “Banks and lenders are profiting off of young people’s financial inexperience, partnerships and relationships with universities, and strategic and deliberate targeting” (2008 ).  Due to the increased amount of debt students are finding themselves owing, college students may have to take on additional hours at work or even another job to repay the credit card debt. If the student takes on additional hours to pay off the debt, the time spent working is time taken away from studying or class work. The student’s grades may suffer as a result and the student may begin to fail or be placed on academic probation. The student may begin to feel overwhelmed by the amount of debt they own and may lose focus on his or her schooling. Many students also look at their financial situation as temporary. Students often think that the financial situation will quickly get better once they graduate and begin working. (2010 ) Many students do not realize how much debt they have incurred until they are way in over their heads. Many students have taken jobs they otherwise would have never considered just to pay the minimal payments on their credit card bills. Some students have even had to make the decision to not further their education until getting some of their debt paid off. This of course pushed many things in the lives of students back. It’s not always just their graduation date being pushed back but getting married, buying a home and having children may also be affected by the amount of debt many students rack up. Some students become so overwhelmed and consumed by debt
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COM 156 FINAL (Persuasive Essay) - 1 Credit Card Companies...

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