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1. Lacking responsibility of the university A. Universities often do not limit the number of companies allowed on campus B. Universities often do not offer skill building and financial responsibility classes. 2. Lack of student responsibility A. Students often feel that their financial state is temporary. B. Students often do not complete personal finance classes when offered. 3. Consequences of debt A. Failing grades/academic probation due to student having to work to pay debt. B. Stress/ overwhelmed/ depression/ suicide I chose this order because I feel if the university made responsible choices and decisions then that would lead to less opportunity for the students to apply for credit cards. Studies have shown that many students would not have applied for credit card had the companies
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Unformatted text preview: not been on campus or offered and incentive to either a group or fraternity or the university it self. Once the university has made responsible decisions, the choices fall on the student to make good decisions. Last, I wanted to talk about the consequences of debt because they can be dramatic. Not only can the students fail their classes due to having to work to pay back the debt but being in debt could cause the students unnecessary stress, they may begin to feel overwhelmed, depressed, and in some cases students commit suicide. I place the items in my outline starting with the one I felt was most important and if taken care of could place a limit on the others....
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