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bio chap 1 discussion - Hypothesis 2 New batteries are...

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1. List the steps of the scientific method a. Making observations b. Formulating hypothesis and make prediction from the hypothesis c. Designing and carrying out experiments d. Analyzing data and draw conclusion e. If hypothesis is rejected, the hypothesis can be modified and further experiments can be performed to test the modified hypothesis. Source: Mastering Biology Week 1 Assignment 1 The Scientific Method 2. Applying the scientific method a. Observation: While I was watching TV, I tried to change channels using remote control, but I couldn’t. b. Hypothesis: Hypothesis 1: Remote control buttons are malfunctioned.
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Unformatted text preview: Hypothesis 2: New batteries are needed for the remote control. c. Experiment: Experiment 1: Press other buttons on remote control to change volumes or TV settings. Experiment 2: Old batteries are replaced to new one. d. Data and Conclusion: Data and Conclusion 1: When I pressed other buttons to change volumes on TV, the remote control still doesn’t work. Therefore, hypothesis 1 is rejected. Data and Conclusion 2: After old batteries from the remote control are replaced to new one, TV channels are changed as well as volumes....
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bio chap 1 discussion - Hypothesis 2 New batteries are...

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