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Midterm ECE 227A November 3, 2010 (Solutions) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara Name_______________________________________
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(70 points) 1. A 1550 nm, InP/InGaAsP based epitaxial wafer is grown with an active region consisting of 4-8 nm wide strained quantum wells. The confinement factor for the active region was modeled to be 1% per quantum well. The material gain can be represented using a logarithmic relationship between the current density and gain with g 0J = 600.0 cm -1 and J tr = 100 A/cm 2 per well. For this material, the bimolecular recombination coefficient is B = 0.3·10 -10 cm 3 /s, and the Auger coefficient is C = 3·10 -29 cm 6 /s Active-passive 3 μm wide ridge lasers have been fabricated using this active material. The initial LIV testing was done with an active-passive bar where both the active and the passive section lengths were 500 μm . Then, the passive side of the bar was cleaved to a new length of 250 μm , and the measurement was repeated. Finally, the active side of
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ECE227A_midterm2010 - Midterm ECE 227A November 3...

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