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1 ECE/MAT 211A: Homework 2. Due January 19, 2011, at noon. Problem 1: Resonant Transmission across a Potential Well Kroemer # 1.4-3 (p. 39). Problem 2: Reflections at Semiconductor Hetero-Interfaces Kroemer # 1.5-2 (p. 44). Problem 3: Energy Eigenvalues in a Symmetric Well with Finite Barrier Height Kroemer # 2.2-2 (p. 64); you only need to do the first part of the problem, not the “Write a computer program…” part. Problem 4
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Unformatted text preview: : Bound State Expulsion from an Unsymmetric Well Kroemer # 2.2-3 (p. 64). Problem 5: Bound state of a Dirac Delta function well Kroemer # 2.2-4 (p. 65). Hint: To answer the latter part of the problem, you may want to look at Problem 2.2-2. You can use (2.2-31), and the result that for the parameters in the problem the treatment of Problem 2.2-2 yields an energy of 6.33 eV, measured from the bottom of the well....
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