History of Pharmacy pictures (midterm)

History of Pharmacy pictures (midterm) - rhubarb ginseng...

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1 . Cavemen No Written description of drug and medicine, but cavemen did use drug and medicine. Gathering leaves to treat the wound. Crude 2 . No picture. ICE MAN , mummy iceman uncovered on the border of Italy, Alpine area, 5,000 years old, clothing is grass skirt , and amulet -people at this time believed in supernatural powers, and Tree fungus- used as antibacterial ointment- carried out as first aid 3. slide of ancient Peru- Trephination - drill hole in skull. Held man down and drilled hole. 4 . Slide of preserved mummy with hole in skull, and it healed which showed that they survived trephination 5. Native American- drawing in sand, put sick patient with community around them to participate in healing. Shaman -healer, pseudo active drug - plant. 6 . Slide of Leeches sold in pharmacy in the 1920s- it was popular 7 . Slide- Hammurabi of Babylon- king, slide depict king on throne giving judgment guy begging on the floor pleading his case (Physician vs. Patient) 9. Emperor Shen Nung - father of ancient Chinese medicine. written the first Pen T’Sao , or native herbal, recording 365 drugs. Still worshiped by native Chinese drug guilds as their patron god, Shen Nung conceivably examined many herbs, barks, and roots brought in from the fields, swamps, and woods that are still recognized in Pharmacy today. In the background is the "Pa Kua," a mathematical design symbolizing creation and life. Medicinal plants include podophyllum, rhubarb, ginseng, stramonium, cinnamon bark, and, in the boy's hand, ma huang, or Ephedra . 10. Slide of Susruta- plastic surgery with anesthetics, picture of an Indian guy treating patient and other holding the patient down. 11. Person locked up again the chair, physician forcing medicine down jaw tetanus-“Lock Jaw” 12. Medical papyri- people brewing and mixing drugs. Guy carry plant material, and head guy with white robe gives instructions. Person on the floor writing the papyrus. "Papyrus Ebers" (1500 BC) Medical papyri- prepared gets lots of information and people make drug.
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History of Pharmacy pictures (midterm) - rhubarb ginseng...

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