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Career Development Plan Part I

Career Development Plan Part I - 1 Job Analysis Selection...

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1 Job Analysis & Selection Career Development Plan Part I – Job Analysis & Selection Holly L. Seppala 11/8/2010 James Scholes
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2 Job Analysis & Selection As everyone already knows InterClean recently merged with EnviroTech. This merger will allow further expansion into the sanitation industry and a projected 40% increase in profitability. With this merger also comes a change in the way our sales representatives deal with customers and work with one another. Currently, our sales team demonstrates and explains products independently to customers. Even though this model has worked in the past, we believe the sanitation industry is changing and therefore, upper management has proposed implementing a solutions/service model, where representatives will be grouped into multi-functional teams. These teams will work together to prepare, demonstrate, and report on InterClean’s product line and collaborate with each other to provide high-quality service. To implement the new sales model, midlevel sales managers must form new sales teams consisting of five to seven employees. To help aide in the recruitment and selection process, I will provide a job analysis and workforce planning system along with my preferred selection method and a quick justification for why I choose each employee. A job analysis includes information about tasks to be done on-the-job as well as personal characteristics necessary to perform the job (Cascio, 2006). When conducting the job analysis for InterClean’s new sales team I used the interview, observation, and structured questionnaire methods. The observation method gave me the opportunity to view firsthand the tasks our current sales reps were performing and the behaviors they exhibited while performing those tasks. With the interview method I had the chance to listen to sales reps individually and have them describe their day-to-day tasks and have them provide me with suggestions to improve the sales departments operations. After compiling the results from my observations and interviews, I still had some unanswered questions and this is when I decided to use a structured questionnaire.
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Career Development Plan Part I - 1 Job Analysis Selection...

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