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Week 2 Check Point Assignment Answer Key for Software Development Activities/Purposes Exercise Activity or Purpose Answer Description 1. Modular Programming H A. English-like statements to document the outline of a program 2. Pseudocode A B. Translating design into statements that are usable by the computer 3. Problem Analysis D C. Statements that determine program execution paths of a program 4. Program Design F D. Identifying desired outputs based on provided input 5. Program Coding B E. Describes the relationships
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Unformatted text preview: between a program’s modules 6. Control Structures C F. Creating a detailed description of a program using charts, or ordinary language 7. Graphical User Interface K G. Actions of user that determine the flow of program execution 8. Event-Driven Programming G H. Process of identifying major tasks that a system must accomplish 9. Program Testing I I. Running a program using various sets of inputs to determine if the program is running properly...
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