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Unformatted text preview: MTH 122 — Calculus II Essex County College — Division of Mathematics and Physics 1 Lecture Notes #1 — Sakai Web Project Material 1 Preliminaries • All students at ECC should have an email address on file with the school. I use this email address to generate a group email list and you should have received an email from me informing you about our group website. If you did not receive an email from me you can still visit our group website at and once there you can join the group. It is important that all registered students join this group and download/print posted files. 2 General Differential Equations When you finished the first course in calculus you basically covered differentiation and integra- tion. You should have an intuitive idea what it means to differentiate and to integrate, and I strongly suggest you review these topics if you’re confused or just a bit rusty. Now, however, we will review these old topics in a new and possibly confusing way. Yes, the scary sounding newness is actually an introduction to differential equations , but this topic will basically be used to review the process of differentiation and integration. So what is a differential equation anyway? Well, a differential equation is basically an equation that contains one or more derivatives. For example, y + y tan x = cos 2 x is a differential equation where y represents a derivative of...
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This note was uploaded on 01/31/2011 for the course MTH 222 taught by Professor Ban during the Spring '10 term at Essex County College.

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mth.122.handout.01 - MTH 122 — Calculus II Essex County...

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