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MBA Vocabulary For international students – June 6, 2002 Note: This work in process contains all sorts of expressions, from formal to slang, gathered from all kinds of speakers, from Dean Sullivan to students to businesspeople. Most quotes are from real situations here at the Business School, and I do not necessarily endorse the views of the speaker. Thanks to Mike Allen, MBA ’01, and Ernesto Oechler, MBA '00, for reviewing, organizing, and editing this version, and to Mike for some of the entries. Please e-mail comments, corrections, and ideas to phraseman@unc.edu . Thanks to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Kenan-Flagler Business School for making this list possible. © Patrick Oglesby 1997-2002. Free distribution among UNC students and staff is authorized. 110 percent - ( Noun ) Better than your best. To give more than 100% of yourself. "He gives 110 percent." -- He is committed to this project; he does more than what is required. 20-20 - ( Noun ) A particular television news magazine or nonfiction show that can be seen on a network one night a week. "I was watching 20-20 last night and I heard that short term memory loss is a problem for baby boomers [people born just after world war II]." ( Adjective ) The ability to see from 20 feet what a normal person can see from 20 feet, i.e., normal vision. "With glasses, my 20-40 vision is corrected to 20-20." 24/7 - Operating around the clock, without closing, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. "We maintain a 24/7 presence in that area." "I'm available 24/7 for anything you might need." 4.0 - Perfect grades (A is the best grade; A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, etc.) Pronounced 'Four point oh' or ‘Four oh.’ "If you went to an inner city high school and got a 4.0 GPA, you'd probably get downgraded to a 2.5 by employers who discount your record because they don’t think your school is good." 501(c)(3) organization - (Noun) A charity, payments to which reduce taxable income. "Part of the price goes to a 501(c)(3), so the buyer can deduct that part." A Access - (Verb) To obtain. To gain entrance to. "We [an art company] look at people in their late 20's. They know it's time to take the posters off the wall. They'd like to buy art, but they don't know how to access it. They don't want to go to the Holiday Inn by the Airport and buy sofa size art on Sunday afternoon.” Explanation: (1) College students and recent college grads usually don't own art -- they put cheap posters on their walls. (2) Traveling vendors offer cheap, big paintings at "flea markets" at spots like Holiday Inns. These paintings will not gain value over the years. The speaker’s -- Mr. Hale's -- company sponsors ways for young people to buy real art, which is original and which might be appreciated by local artists. Add-on -
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VocabularyMBA - For more material and information, please...

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