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PUBLIC HEALTH ESSAY HIV AND AIDS Students Name: Yang,chao-chun The whole name of HIV is “Human Immunodeficiency Virus”. HIV is a Page 1
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retrovirus, which means that its primary genetic instructions are in the form of RNA, not DNA. The HIV virus divides into two kinds: HIV-1 and HIV-2. HIV-1 is the most generally prevail. HIV-2 is basic only in the western Africa area, and it is more virulent, faster progression and associated with greater morbidity. During 1983-1984, French and American scientists separate the virus from the blood, respectively. HIV origin possibly comes from apes and monkeys in Africa. Robert Gallo goes to France, provides HTLV-lllB/H9 to compare with IDAV(LAI), the result of two virus are the same. Both side agree to hold the conference together. In 1986, this virus is called “the human immunodeficiency virus”. AIDS is distinguishes in U.S.A in early 1980. At that time, the patients were homo-sex. So, AIDS is also called “homosexuality sickness” (gay disease). And the government that Reagan president neglect the problem that time. After doctors and scientists continually work, accumulated the belief epidemiology data, it show that AIDS has constant way of infection. Simultaneously, because of blood transfusion to cause AIDS is increase gradually, many scientists star to investigate this infectious cause of disease. The diameter of human immunodeficiency virus is about 120 nanometers, assume sphere. Each virus particle has a lipid envelope, a little plasma membrane that enclosed it. Protein spike from the envelope, extend across it, or line its inner surface. After HIV infect a person, virus particles enter the bloodstream. At this stage, B cell makes antibodies that can be detected, helper T cell and killer T cell also form. However, the adaptive immune response begins to slow. The symptoms include: lymph gland plant, fever, lose weight, asthma, have the pink or purple pale, even have the tumor There are three ways of infection AIDS: the sexual contact, the blood contact and the maternal infant infects. AIDS is transmitted by body fluids. An infected person’s body fluids including blood, semen and vaginal secretion all contain the AIDS
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