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Equipment - start the chronograph 4 Observe the reaction in...

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Equipment Long glass tube open at both ends (1.5 cm x 30 cm , 1.5 cm x 60 cm) Corg (Dig inside groove) Gauge (100 cm) Dropper Chronograph Tweezers Cotton or wool Reagent Hydrochloric Acid HCL(12M) Ammonia NH 3 (15M) Experimental procedures 1. Put 4 small group of cotton ( Or wool ) in the 4 pre-dug grooves in the Corg . 2. Flat 30 cm long glass tube on the table. 3. Drop a few drops in the groove of corgs cotton (Or glass wool). At the same time as soon as possible fill the corgs at the two ports of long glass tube, and immediately
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Unformatted text preview: start the chronograph. 4. Observe the reaction in the glass tube. When white smoke appears, stop the chronograph Immediately. 5. And observe the smoke . 6. The same steps 1 ~ 5 with 30 cm glass tube, take the average. 7. The same steps 1 ~ 6 ,and do it twice with 60 cm glass tube, take the average. Ideal Condition According to Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Gases 1/2mv 2 =3/2KT → v 2 =3KT/m → v 2 =3N KT/N m → v 2 =3RT/M So V NH3 :V HCL =(M HCL :M NH3 ) 1/ 2 3:2 ≒...
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