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British Sex Regulating Heteroctics

British Sex Regulating Heteroctics - Week 4(9/22-9/24...

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Week 4 (9/22-9/24) Sexual Contracts – Legislating Heterorotics and Venereal Diseases Discussion Question - #4 – How did sexual contracts of marriage and prostitution in Victorian England invite comparison and generate concern about violence or coercive treatment of women and children? How did women’s violence vary within different British cultures, for instance Ireland? Articles – Love, Sex, and Family Matters (Gray) No Pedestals: Women and Violence in the Late 19 th c Ireland (Conley) Victorian England values women’s dependency on men therefore marriage contracts favored male superiority in all realms and those women deemed helpless and forced into prostitution were also often subject to violence and a world dominated by males terms. Victorian ideals deemed women as codependent or as prostitutes, both experienced a life of slave like conditions dictated by males resulting in violence and/or coercive treatment of women and children. Gray analyzes the hypocrisy of Victorian society is depicted by harsh family matters and sexual matters resulting in negative outcomes for women and children. In contrast, Conley examines Ireland whose political tendencies have varied throughout time in comparison to its British counterparts; Ireland recognized its subjects without regard to gender or sexual morality thus violence was carried out in a very different manner.
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