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British Sexuality Essay Outline

British Sexuality Essay Outline - Articles Upchurch...

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Articles – Upchurch, Trumbach How do historians contend that British sexualities changed after the late eighteenth century? Evaluate the evidence for claims that sexuality was becoming more narrowly ‘hertonormative’ by the late 1820s. Thesis – o Upchurch argues that middle class notions of behavior is what shapes societal norms whereas Trumbach argues that across the 18 th c newly defined gender roles are shaping societal norms regardless of prevalent trends that particular classes supported Both societies regardless of class are becoming more restrictive and heteronormative by the late 18 th c SHOULD I MAKE SPECIFIC THAT TRUMBACH FOCUSES ON WORKING CLASS? – Trumbach argues that across the 18 th c newly defined working class gender roles are shaping…? o British sexualities changed after the late 18 th c in order to control issues of crossing dressing, of public space, and issues surrounding the double standard in order to strictly define gender roles and bring about a heteronormative society. Introduction – o The 18 th c British sexualities became more defined in terms of gender identities; prior to the 18 th c the British population engaged in same sex relations and cross dressing without compromising ones gender identity. However, due to changes in British law, Britain altered their societal norms to focus on these troubling issues in order to become a heteronormative society. 18 th c brought about a new gender system based on a more modern culture that excluded these past acceptable behaviors. o Both Trumbach and Upchurch explore issues of sex, gender, and sexual identity in London in order to examine the influence that class trends have on societal norms and to depict sexual commonalities that the working class and middle class share. Both societies implementation of British law demonstrates redefined gender roles in order to create a more structured heteronormative society. Double Standard – The shift of trends in the 18 th c altered the longstanding customs of gender; in the past women and men could express similar sexual behaviors without mockery, however as redefined gender roles arose this quickly became known as the double standard. It was no longer socially acceptable for men and women to freely express similar sexual desires due to contrasting trends that grew into existence. This led to an unparallel relationship between the early 18 th c’s new wave of societal gender norms and the desires that some still favored. o Trumbach – Gender norms for males drastically altered throughout the 18 th c; male’s homosexual behavior became much more pervasive and intolerable as time progressed. Male’s behavior had to reflect societal norms or else males would be outcast from society. Trumbach argues that unlike women, men’s sexual freedom was forced to be contained as a result of 18 th c new gender roles.
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Female prostitutes and male sodomites perform similar behaviors yet based on
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