British Sexuality

British Sexuality - Week 2(9/8-9/10 Libertine Traditions...

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Week 2 (9/8-9/10) Libertine Traditions – 1820 Queen Caroline Affair, Plebian Sexualities Discussion Question - #3 – In what ways did violence or conflicts characterize aspects of early 19 th c sexual relations? Articles – Sex, Gender, and Sexual Identity in Modern Culture: Male Sodomy and Female Prostitution in Enlightenment London (Trumbach) Milkmaids, Ploughmen, and Sex in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Ganev) The shift of trends in the 18 th and 19 th centuries altered the longstanding customs of gender and redefined men and women in order to shape them into their gender specific roles of male or female. People wanted to freely express their sexual desires similar to their past preferences but this was no longer socially acceptable due to contrasting trends that grew into existence. This led to an unparallel relationship between the early 19 th century’s new wave of societal gender norms and the desires that some still favored. In the early 18 th c rural class were prized for their sexual behaviors; their influence led to the creation of stock characters, Milkmaid and Ploughman, to depict their healthy and influential lifestyle through songs, ballads, and books. It was not until the late 18 th c when scholars concerns of rural behavior became widespread claiming immorality, sex out of wedlock, and the dangers of overpopulation. As time progressed sexual trends were controlled through education and religious morals; however, while this sexual behavior became confined the popular culture that depicted this outdated lifestyle still dominated the 19 th c. This unparallel relationship between these two conflicting trends depicts the conflict that stems from confined sexual tensions. In the 18 th c before definite gender roles and identities were defined as solely masculine or feminine, the two genders shared in similar behaviors. Both males and females openly engaged in sexual acts with their opposite sex and their own gender. For males this was known as sodomy and for women this was known
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British Sexuality - Week 2(9/8-9/10 Libertine Traditions...

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