11-8 HIST_start exam III

11-8 HIST_start exam III - Economic Nationalism Aftermath...

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Economic Nationalism Aftermath of the War of 1812 and Madison Stronger army and navy 2 nd Bank of the United States, 1816 Opposition Protective tariff of 1816 Opposition Lot of tariffs on British goods “Maybe, for the 1 st time, its ok to protect manufacturing” Average Georgian, is going to have to spend more on the British good, or the American good, because there’s no manufacturing down there. Also, guys from the American Commerce can be found that want to punch somebody in the face Internal Improvements Call for constitutional amendment Building Roads, Colleges, etc… “This might be a good idea, but you need an amendment to do this” Jefferson and Madison Both thought so (having an amendment) The National Road (built from 1811-1838) Really, the only national project (directly done) Thing is, not everyone benefits from this, and they still get taxed Calhoun (a nationalist), wants to take the money from the 2 nd bank of America(?) to upkeep the road, and then to expand the road. James Monroe Administration, 1817-1825 (republican) Election of 1816 Pretty much easily beats the federalist. Federalist are seen as “a rebel/no good American”
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He’s pretty much the last president to have served in the revolution, and still old fashion. A successor to the Virgiain Wounded with Washington Trained law with Jefferson Secretary of State under Madison He’s a lot like Madison and Jefferson in a lot of ways Monroe’s Political philosophy Every appropriate about everything (strong morally) Economic nationalism Old style Republican, and isn’t very excited about the inside work of the country (super conservative (much more anti bank, etc…) There’s a lot of pushes for the Bank, and the Tariff
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11-8 HIST_start exam III - Economic Nationalism Aftermath...

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