11-29 HIST - No power over interstate slave trade The...

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Slavery in the Territories The Nrothwest Ordinance The Missouri Compromise Slavery and the Mexican Cession Wilmot Proviso Calhoun’s resolutions Popular sovereignty Souther losses Geographic worries Oregon, New Mexico and Utah Territories, and California Zachary Taylor The election of 1848 ZT v. Lewis Cass The Free-soil coalition Conscience Whigs The Liberty Pary Barnburners The Zachary Taylor administartation Southerner with union principles Department of the Interior Controversy over the territories The Compromise of 1850, Clay’ proposal California enters as a free state
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TX land given to New Mexico Slave trade abolished in D.C. Rest of Mexican cession no restriction on slavery Federal assumption of TX debt Slavery protected in D.C. Stronger fugitive slave law
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Unformatted text preview: No power over interstate slave trade The Pierce Administation The Election of 1852 Death of the Whig Party (1834-1852) The Pierce Administation and Foreign Affairs The Ostend Manifesto Sectionalism and flibusters Diplomacy in the Pacific The Gadsden Purchase Douglas and the Kansas-Nebraska Act Bleeding Kansas Bleeding Sumner The Election of 1856 and Buchanan The Election of 1856: Fremont v. Buchanan The Dred Scott decision Slaves not citizens Due process clause of the 5 th Amendment Implication of this and Republican fears Movement for Kansas Statehood Governor Walker’s efforts Buchanan and support for the south The Defeat of the Lecompton constitution Financial panic of 1857...
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11-29 HIST - No power over interstate slave trade The...

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