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INFO 375_F10_misra(1) - INFO375_06 Operations Analysis...

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INFO375_06: Operations Analysis Course Syllabus Fall 2010 Professor: Dr. Ram B. Misra Office: 334 Partridge Hall E-mail: [email protected] Class Days/Hours M - TH 2:30PM – 3:45PM Office hours: Thursday 4 PM – 5PM Class Room: PA-209 OR by appointment Office phone: (973)655-5336 Department FAX: (973)655-7678 I. General Description of Course (Catalog Description) Mathematical and statistical methods in the analysis of specific business systems and industrial production activities, inventory control, production planning and scheduling, and capital management. Computers are used to solve problems involving complex systems. II. Goals of the Course: The goals of this course are first, to prepare you to contribute immediately to a firm’s operations. By the end of this course you will be able to connect the business strategy of the company with its operations and use many of the current quantitative techniques applied to common operations-related problems of business, industry and government. You will be instructed in the topics covered in the general outline (below) and be conversant with the topics at a basic level. In addition, you will be able to analyze an ill-defined business problem using the following framework: 1. Identify and concisely state the core problem. 2. Develop a model to address the problem using words, pictures and mathematical equations. 3. Obtain data for the model recognizing implied assumptions, limitations and costs of the data. 4. Use the model accurately and perform relevant sensitivity analysis.
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