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1. Psychology as a Means of Promoting Human Welfare by George A. Miller 2. The more or Less Scientific Method by Rudolf Flesch 4. Subtle but Intriguing Differences Found in the Brain Anatomy of Men and Women from the New York Times 5. The Split Brain in Man by Michel S. Gazzaniga 6. The Human Senses by Frank Geldard 7. Research Probes What the Mind Senses Unawares , by Dan Goleman 8. The Visual Cortex of the Brain by David H. Hubel 9. The Sniff of Legend by Karen Wright 10 Does ESP Exist ? by Daryl J. Bem 11. Experimental Psychology of Animal Learning by Frank A. Logan 12. How to Teach Animals by B.F. Skinner 13. Superstition in the Pigeon by B.F. Skinner 14. Psychology as the Behaviorist Views It by John B. Watson 15. Nature or Nurture? from The Economist 16.
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Unformatted text preview: I Can’t Remember What I Said Last Night but It Must Have Been Good by Roland Fischer 17. Forgetfulness is Seen Causing More Worry Than It Should from the New York Times 18. Analysis of a Mnemonic Device by Gordon A. Bower 19. The Effect of Dream Deprivation by William Dement 20. The Healing Trance by David Spiegel 21. Clinical and Psychological Effects of Marihuana in Man by Andrew T. Weil, Norman E. Zinberg, and Judith M. Nelson 22. The Psychopathology of Everyday Slips by James Reason 23. Student Acceptance of Generalized Personality Interpretations by R. Ulrich, T. Stachnik, and R. Stainton 24. On Being Sane in Insane Places by D. L. Rosenhan 25. Behavioral Psychotherapy by Albert Bandura...
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