Week 2 HSM 240 Checkpoint Court Decisions

Week 2 HSM 240 Checkpoint Court Decisions - Running head:...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: COURT DECISIONS 1 Checkpoint: Court Decisions Larry Eckel HSM / 240 January 6, 2011 Yvette Rapose
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CHECKPOINT: COURT DECISIONS 2 Checkpoint: Court Decisions Source: Funding for children in foster care: The Keffeler case http://proquest.umi.com.ezproxy.apollolibrary.com/pqdweb? This case feels very personal because of my past experiences in the human services field. I have been on both sides of this controversy. I would like to not show any biases in this paper but I may let the reader down. I have always had a passion for doing what is right for the consumer so his case bothers me. I can see myself sitting in the court case and wanting to put my “two cents worth” of input towards the judge. My first reaction is to say, yes, these children need to be taken care of with their basic needs being met; “including the cost of food, clothing, and shelter.” If this money received is for these needs, yes, pay for the care but it needs to be well defined as for the basic needs of the consumer. But where conflict of interest comes in is, it does not look good. The payee is paying the payee for services rendered. Did I confuse anyone with this sentence; this is my point of the statement?! But if this is what is expected by the care of the consumer in the foster home, then no, these funds are separate from the funding. These SSA benefits are for the daily living, personal needs of the consumer separate from room and board costs. I feel that the red flag goes up for many families or advocates, because the payee is
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Week 2 HSM 240 Checkpoint Court Decisions - Running head:...

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