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Andthebandplayedon - K er r i Feuereisen There has not been...

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Kerri Feuereisen There has not been many movies that capture the start, rise and spread of the AIDS and HIV virus throughout the world. And the Band Played On was one movie that, I think, accurately portrayed this. Before watching I did not fully know about the viruses so I pretty much went in with a blank slate in my mind. The movie showed how the disease affected the government, healthcare system and humans everywhere. It showed how disturbing some of the trends can be when dealing with cases involving unknown diseases. People treated homosexuals differently because they automatically thought that HIV/AIDS were found in most gays. This movie gave awareness about the epidemic to a huge audience of people that would not have known about it. The movie starts out with a number of people dying near the Ebola river from a mysterious disease and from then on the number of people that continued to die grew exponentially. What I found fascinating about this movie was that toward the beginning of their search for what caused the disease, the only cases that they were focusing on were those cases of gay men. They were convinced that the only people that had this disease and could spread the disease were gay men. They came up with this conclusion that it was spread and given to gay men through the public
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bathhouses. I was not aware of how long it was before they finally came up with what exactly the diseases were and how they were spread.
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