section 3 quiz - Section 3: Primate Overview Study...

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Section 3: Primate Overview Study Questions Your quiz next week will consist of questions taken from the following. Be prepared to answer in complete sentences and show your work. List two anatomical traits shared by primates. List two behavioral or life-history traits shared by primates? Anatomical Traits: 1. Opposable big toe and prehensile hands (can use hands and feet for grasping) 2. flat nails on hands and feet Behavioral/life-history traits: 1. females have small litters with longer gestation and juvenile periods than other mammals of similar size 2. brain is large compared to brain of similarly sized mammals Anubis ( Papio Anubis ) and hamadryas ( Papio hamadryas ) baboons are two separate primate species with very different social systems and behaviors. The ranges of these two species come in contact in northern Ethiopia. In this area, there is a hybrid baboon group that contains elements of both anubis and hamadryas social systems. Given the three modes of speciation mentioned in Boyd and Silk, what is one possible cause of speciation between hamadryas and
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section 3 quiz - Section 3: Primate Overview Study...

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