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Section 2: Altruism Study Questions Your quiz next week will consist of questions taken from the following. Use your textbook to complete the answers. Be prepared to answer in complete sentences. 1. In your own words, briefly describe Hamilton’s Rule. Hamilton's rule says that altruistic behaviors are more likely to be inherited if the benefits of the behavior multiplied by the relatedness of the actor and recipient is greater than the costs of the behavior. 2. What three conditions favor the development of reciprocal altruism? individuals must: 1. have an opportunity to interact often 2. have the ability to keep track of support given and received 3. provide support only to those who help them 3. Explain why nonrandom interaction among altruists is necessary for altruism to be maintained. Individuals need the opportunity for their own altruism to be reciprocated.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. It is difficult to document reciprocal altruism among primates. Why?' Yes. This could be true either because reciprocity is uncommon or because altruism is reciprocated in different currencies and the costs and benefits of specific behaviors are hard to identify. 5. You are beginning a study of a baboon population, and though you plan to do genetic testing to determine relationships, you are interested in making some predictions beforehand about relatedness using altruism. What kinds of altruistic behaviors might you look for as clues to relatedness? 6. Some attempts to explain altruism have focused on its benefits to the species as a whole. Why are these explanations generally unsatisfactory? 7. How is the scientific definition of altruism different from the common definition of altruism?...
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