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Jamie Connell November 26, 2010 CICS 101 Brett Levy Module 5 Paper Assignment Part 1 1. According to the ecological footprint calculator, it would require 4.1 “planet Earths” to provide enough resources for everyone to sustain my resource usage. In addition, it would require 18.2 “global acres” to support my lifestyle, as well as 17.9 tons of Carbon Dioxide 2. When the smallest impact answers are used, 2.9 “planet earths” and 12.8 “global acres” of Earth’s productive area are necessary to sustain this lifestyle. Although these adjustments lowered the overall requirements placed on the planet, modernity makes it impossible to attain a lower answer. The production of energy, the transportation of goods, and societal norms all impact an individual’s lifestyle in a way that cannot be controlled by personal adjustments. For example, while an individual may choose to use green energy sources in their home, it is impossible to control the type of energy used in the creation of these systems or how much energy is used to transport any materials necessary. In addition, it is necessary to wear clothes and shoes, and use certain amenities such as toilet paper, which all impact Earth in their production and consumption by using valuable resources and requiring energy in their creation. 1
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3. Both sets of results, “real” and “low impact,” represent limitations on our society in regard to the environment. As a college student, my “real” results are largely out of my control. My housing is not controlled by my decisions, but by the control of my sorority housing corporation, which is similar to university-controlled housing. I am not able to make my own choices concerning energy usage or the type of foods that are available. In addition, I have large travel requirements between school and home, which contributes to my negative impact on the environment. The “low impact” results show that no matter what choices are made, today’s world is not conducive to using only the resources provided by one planet Earth. Simple solutions such as eating organic foods and living in a “green”
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assignment draft 2 - Jamie Connell November 26, 2010 CICS...

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