Study Questions - Study Questions: 1. What is...

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Study Questions: 1. What is globalization? (as defined in this course) 2. What kind of flows are we talking about when we talk about globalization? What makes an institution, a project, an action etc. global? 3. What are the global versus local factors that influence the flow of knowledge transfers? 4. How are knowledge transfers funded? 5. What is global health system? Should include: disease prevention, quality care, equitable access, provision of health security Involves individuals and organizations, governments, IGOS, NGOS, private for profit, or non-profits May operate at a community, national, or global level Objectives: promote, maintain, restore health Functions: define rules, prescribe behavioral roles, encourage or constrain activity, shape expectations 6. What kind of organizations are part of the global health community? Multilaterals, bilaterals, NGOS, global initiatives 7. How is WHO structured? -World Health Assembly (WHA) is supreme decision-maker that meets annually
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Study Questions - Study Questions: 1. What is...

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